Are you interested in learning how economists explain the Great Recession of 2008? Do you wonder how economics can help us understand the effects of globalization? What can economics tell us about the provision of health care? Economics at 澳门官方老葡京 investigates these questions as an integral part of the liberal arts. The major’s primary goal is to cultivate patterns of inquiry that produce economic literacy, 独立思考, and a commitment to lifelong learning and a socially responsible life. Economics majors share a common foundation in microeconomics, macroeconomics, 发展经济学, 以及经济思想史. Students then choose from electives such as Money and Banking, 环境经济学, 国际贸易, Public Policy, 投资分析, 和经济史. All students at Maryville College also complete a two-semester research project in their major under the supervision of a faculty member.

与核心课程相结合, the Economics major develops skills in logical reasoning, 数据分析和有效沟通, 对经济学家来说,哪些是必不可少的. 就像上图中的校友一样, many of our economics graduates find employment in banking and financial services. Others work in the areas of teaching, healthcare administration, and policy analysis. Some choose to continue their studies in law, business, agricultural economics and public policy.

The 经济学专业 is appropriate for the student interested in the functioning of the economic system and in economic policy.

澳门新葡新京官方的标志澳门新葡新京官方 is a comprehensive career preparation program that is integrated into the College’s four-year liberal arts curriculum. Key components include assessment, advising, networking and professional experiences.


Photo of Susan

Susan Musiime

苏珊选择了澳门新葡新京官方, she said, 因为它对学术的奉献, 更小的班级规模和学术支持服务, and her decision to major in Economics stemmed from her interests in mathematics, 统计学和社会科学推理.

“Majoring in Economics has exposed me to the fundamental principles of economics and taught me how to apply statistical reasoning in an economic setting,” she said. “I was able to apply them during my internship with a Michigan supply company, DFarm, 密歇根州立大学. 实习期间, I analyzed agricultural grain production and export in countries in sub-Saharan Africa. My research focused on finding supply chain solutions for the region.”

After graduation, she plans to pursue a master’s degree in Market Research, and nurture her passion for market research analysis and socioeconomic inequalities, she added.

“I hope that one day I will be able to help economic policymakers understand how society impacts their decisions,” she said.


Photo of Tara

Tara Flinchum ’21
Currently: Pursuing a master’s degree in Developmental Economics at Penn State University

Tara found that 澳门官方老葡京’s rigorous classes prepared her well for graduate-level courses and the amount of work that they require. 澳门官方老葡京’s broad curriculum also exposed her to different disciplines, which she said has helped her navigate grad school so far. “Being well-rounded in many different subjects is a great strength,” she said.

阿巴拉契亚人阿巴拉契亚人, Tara has seen firsthand how crises like the opioid epidemic have affected the people in her community, economically. She would like to return to the area after graduate school to help under-resourced areas.

Sharon May
Dr. Sharon May
Chair, Division of Social Sciences, 经济学副教授
Ryan Mickey
Dr. Ryan Mickey
A. Reeves Johnson
Dr. A. Reeves Johnson

对于商界的大多数职位来说, students who major in economics are competitive with those who major in business. 对于有强烈理论强调的情况, 经济学专业是一个重要的优势. The economics major also provides a basis for graduate study in management, business, finance, law, 还有很多其他领域.

St. 约翰学院,通识学院
Trinity College, Dublin, Masters of Business Administration
University of Alabama-Birmingham, Hospital Administration
University of Tennessee, Masters of Business Administration

LDA Engineering

Students successfully completing the program of study will have achieved the following:

  • Access existing knowledge including published research and economic data
  • 现有知识显示命令:
    1. Explain existing economic concepts and how they may be used
    2. 总结经济状况
    3. 探讨当前的经济政策问题
  • 解读现有的知识和数据:
    1. Understand and interpret numerical data found in published tables
    2. 识别已发布数据中的模式和趋势
    3. 根据现有的统计数据构建表格
    4. Read and interpret quantitative analyses including regression results
  • Apply existing knowledge to analyze current economic issues, 评估政策选择, 或者推荐经济政策
  • Create new knowledge by formulating a question about a new economic issue, 设计并进行研究研究, 并将结果写成书面报告
  • Search for knowledge and understanding by posing and responding to questions that stimulate productive discussion

The 经济学专业 consists of a minimum of 46/47 hours in Economics and related fields.



ECN 101:当代经济议题(3小时)
ECN 201:经济学原理(4小时)
ECN 221:经济发展(3小时)
ECN 321:中级宏观经济学(4小时)
ECN 322:中级微观经济学(3小时)
ECN 334:经济思想史(3小时)
ECN 351:高级课程一(3小时)
ECN 352:高级课程II(3小时)
SLS 299:专业发展中的问题(2小时)
MTH 222:回归分析(3小时)


ECN 251:美国经济史(3小时)
ECN 325:国际贸易与金融(3小时)
ECN 331:对企业的公共政策(3小时)
ECN 332:货币银行学(3小时)
ECN 345:投资分析(3小时)
ECN 346:环境经济学(3小时)
ECN 349:经济学专题(3小时)
SLS 301:社会科学研究方法(3小时)


MTH 125:微积分I (MR)(4小时)
BUS 344:金融学原理(3小时)


PLS 121:当代政治议题(3小时)
PLS 122:美国政府与政治(3小时)
PLS 211:比较政府与政治(3小时)
PLS 212:国际政治(3小时)
PLS 232:公共政策(3小时)

The 辅修经济学 由17个小时组成.



ECN 201:经济学原理(4小时)
ECN 321:中级宏观经济学(4小时)
ECN 322:中级微观经济学(3小时)
ECN 334:经济思想史(3小时)


ECN 221:经济发展(3小时)
ECN 251:美国经济史(3小时)
ECN 325:国际贸易与金融(3小时)
ECN 331:对企业的公共政策(3小时)
ECN 332:货币银行学(3小时)
ECN 345:投资分析(3小时)
ECN 346:环境经济学(3小时)
ECN 349:经济学专题(3小时)

除主修和辅修必修课外, 澳门新葡新京官方的学生在 Maryville课程这是通识教育的核心课程. 共51学时, the Maryville课程 ensures that students see their major in a wider context and develop the basic communication, quantitative, and critical thinking skills that are needed for success in college and career.

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