Psychology professor, 神经科学s program founder Dr. Lori Schmied to retire after 33 years at 澳门官方老葡京

博士照片. Lori Schmied

起初,这是一场令人不安的比赛. Lori Schmied和澳门新葡新京官方, the institution from which she’ll retire after 33 years at the end of the semester.

施米德说,当时 澳门官方老葡京行为科学部 急需一位心理学教授吗. 那是1989年, 她找了一名教师,结果一无所获——她找全职教师的工作也是如此. Having earned her doctorate four years earlier, she was teaching part-time but longed to find a forever home in academia.

“我一直在找一份全职工作,但没有成功,因为我丈夫已经在田纳西大学工作了, so I was what they labeled a permanent adjunct. I was still doing lab work and collaborating with my doctoral supervisor, 但是真的很艰难,她说, 她在萨顿科学中心的办公室里回顾了她在学院的任期, a narrow room overflowing with books relevant to her position as professor of 心理学 以及 大学神经科学课程.

鲍勃·内勒(Bob Naylor)当时是一名化学教授(后来担任副校长和学院院长), 他妻子在我隔壁的实验室工作, 她告诉我, “澳门新葡新京官方有个职位, 你需要申请,’”Schmied补充道. “我看了招聘广告, 甚至没有一门课是我教过的,甚至没有一门属于我的领域——像人格理论这样的学科, 这是我自己从来没有吃过的.

“It was what I would call a desperation hire, and I didn’t even interview for the position until after graduation, 也就是, 这学期太晚了. But once I got here, I really fell in love with the place.”


从一开始, 施米德所做的工作使她成为她所在部门最受尊敬的教员之一. She was initially hired as a one-year visiting professor, and she chuckles at the stress of teaching two night classes lasting from 6-10 p.m. and having to return the next morning to campus for an 8 a.m. lecture — all while raising a daughter who was 4 years old at the time.

When it came time to reapply for the position, 然而, 这项工作——以及她对它的奉献——证明了她一年的能力, and she was hired as a permanent member of a small team of faculty members, 她回忆说.

“这是一个由两名教师组成的心理学系,我是第三个,我们总共有大约40名学生,她说. “我所看到的, 虽然, was that while good students thrive wherever they are, what 澳门官方老葡京 did and still does is help the average student thrive. 我意识到,不只是传达事实和教授我所在领域的材料是可能的, 我喜欢这样做, but to see the effects of this education and this culture.

“至少20年了, I taught Psychology 101 and the first-year seminar, 并看到学生的发展, 尤其是从大一到大四, 非常令人欣慰. 今天, we have eight faculty members and triple the number of majors. 这是早年另一件令人兴奋的事情:我加入时,公司正在真正发展.”

她最大的成就, 在她三十多年的职业生涯中,她帮助培养了成千上万的年轻人的思想, has been the establishment of 神经科学s as a separate discipline. 作为一个专业, it didn’t exist while she was in graduate school, she says; therefore, her areas of focus were in psychophysiology, 精神药理学和健康心理学. 在澳门新葡新京官方, she found upon arrival that there was a single course — bio心理学, which was taught by a biologist in the College’s Division of Natural Sciences. 那位教授退休后, she claimed the subject and began to nurture it with supplemental coursework.

“The field of 心理学 has grown in the last few decades to stress three components: applied clinical counseling; experimental 心理学, 越来越多地关注社区参与和认知中的真实社会问题, developmental and social 心理学; and neuroscience, 行为的生物学基础是什么,她说. 澳门新葡新京官方的优势一直包括与认知相关的课程和具有良好统计基础的课程, 我们从一开始就知道神经科学将是一个跨学科的专业.”


现有的生物心理学课程被重新开发为神经科学导论, followed by a new course in Advanced 神经科学. 除了, Schmied has also regularly taught Drugs and Behavior, 人格理论, 历史与系统, and Contemporary and Professional Issues in Psychology.

“I really enjoy teaching the history of 心理学, 我通过大量阅读和参加会议来了解最新的发展,她说. “I finally collated conference papers into a more formal book, 这样做的过程真的帮助我跟上发展的步伐,并看到历史的角度.”

“神经科学的进展,,出版于2019年, 探索大脑的主题, 精神药物, 以及各种各样的人类行为和经历——比如音乐和睡眠——考虑到神经科学历史根源的重要性, which have been largely unexamined before now,根据它的描述. In focusing on Victorian-era development of theories of the nervous system, 她将神经科学的概念和元素联系起来,这些概念和元素看起来很新,但实际上已经成为该学科时代精神的一部分很长一段时间了, 她补充说.

“While chair of the Division for 13 or 14 years, I led my colleagues in a major revision of the 心理学 curriculum, creating the track in counseling and the neuroscience major,Schmied说, 她补充说,她珍视的另一个荣誉是在三个不同的场合被选为澳门官方老葡京教师的主席. “在这样一所大学,跨校园合作和跨学科工作的机会要大得多. 一个人开始学术生涯时通常只专注于一个非常狭窄的研究和教学领域, 但经常有机会在Core授课,与不同领域的同事互动,可以让思想相互交融.

澳门新葡新京官方不仅使我成为一个更好的心理学家,因为我必须教的课程的广度和各种高级论文题目的监督, it also gave me opportunities to do research, 创建旅行学习项目,与其他学科和部门的同事一起开发课程.”

Case in point: Schmied and her fellow 心理学 professor, Dr. 阿丽亚娜Schratter, 将于今年夏天赴瑞士进行为期10天的国际儿童福利高级研究, 这是一个短期旅游研究项目,旨在提供互动学习体验——这是她领导的澳门官方老葡京学生进行的第八次国际旅行研究.

International education has been a lifelong passion for Schmied, 谁被录用了, 在某种程度上, 因为她在田纳西大学国际办公室工作过, and from the early days of her 澳门官方老葡京 career, she was involved with the International Programming Committee.

“我很荣幸地目睹了一个曾经帮助学生出国留学的小团队转变为一个专业的出国留学中心,为我们的国际学生服务,她说. “One of the things I’ll be doing in retirement is staying involved in 全球+行动 通过 澳门官方老葡京 全球参与中心. 我们在2020年3月收到了一笔赠款, 而是因为COVID, 两年的补助金延长到三年, 可能还有第四个, 所以我会继续担任主管.”


神经科学, 然而, 她会放弃这个领域吗, 至少在与快速变化的理论保持同步和领先所需的严格纪律方面, advances in the field and statistical methods. When she first arrived on the 澳门官方老葡京 campus in 1989, 她回忆说, 教员们刚收到台式电脑,必须用5英寸软盘启动, and while she’s managed to roll with technological changes in the years since, 这样做偏离了她最喜欢的事情:让学生和同事们积极参与, 生动而深入的讨论了人类与他人和世界互动的基础生物机制.

“我想回去旅行, especially the luxury to travel at non-peak travel times, and there are writing projects I would like to continue with,她说. “I’m someone who’s never bored: I love to cook, 我有一个大花园, and I’m looking forward to spending more time with the Global+ initiative. 虽然不被安排会很好, I will miss the daily interactions with students and colleagues.

“But what I’ve contributed will live on through my students, 以及通过毕业后想从事的职业和角色为自己的生活做出的贡献.”

从3-5个p.m. April 27 on the plaza of the 克莱顿艺术中心 on the 澳门官方老葡京 campus, a reception will be held to honor Schmied’s tenure. A brief program of reflections gathered from faculty, 工作人员, students and community members will begin at 3:30 p.m.

To contribute a special group gift to honor Dr. Schmied’s time at 澳门官方老葡京, donate (any amount is welcomed) online at 一定要标明“医生”. Lori Schmied retirement” in the comment box under “gift preferences.” If you would like to contribute in another way, please contact Eric Bellah at 埃里克 或者拨打865-981-8225. 请于4月4日前捐款,以便主办单位安排向李博士致哀. Schmied.

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